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My fellow Northwesterners,

The votes were counted last night after the polling station closed in La Crete. United Conservative Party has announced that Daniel Williams has been selected as your representative.

I congratulate Daniel and I respect our democratic process. I believe Alberta has a strong future and I believe Daniel will work hard to represent Conservative values on our behalf.

To Daniel:

I understand the sacrifices you and your family have made through this campaign. I appreciate the courage you demonstrate in pursuit of a better Alberta and a better Canada. I have learned through this race that you are loyal to the party, a charismatic speaker, and supported by an energetic team. The Peace Region is complex, our constituents are passionate, and I encourage you to listen carefully to all the voices in this region as you learn to navigate the economic, ecologic, and political dynamics of this vast and diverse region.

I am also thankful to everyone who helped me through this campaign. Friends, family, volunteers, supporters: I could not have participated in this democratic process without your help, and I certainly could not have competed without your diligence and dedication. It is through your acts of leadership and your love for Northwest Alberta that I found the energy to run this race.

And most importantly, I thank all who voted. We all keep our democracy healthy by exercising our right to vote. Whether you voted for me or for Daniel matters not, what matters most to me is that you were engaged in this process.

Through the past 26 years I have fought fires and floods, I have helped build libraries, parks, campgrounds & playgrounds. I have advocated for pipelines, roads, rail & bridges. My team stopped the NDP’s Caribou Plan. We all know the Northwest holds incredible, untapped potential for our future. We are a strong, hard-working, entrepreneurial people who are tied to the land that we all call home. I will continue to serve the communities of Northwest Alberta.

Thanks for making the Peace Region great!

Lisa Wardley


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