An Open Letter from Terry Ungarian

May 18, 2018

I would like to take a minute to write a quick note to show my support for United Conservative Party nominee Lisa Wardley in her campaign to become the candidate for the Peace River constituency.

Terry Ungarian, Northwest Species at Risk (NWSAR) member

I first came to know Lisa through our involvement as councillors for our respective municipalities. As part of our roles as councillors, we would attend various conferences and committee meetings and introductions began. Then, in July of 2016 as a result of concern over pending caribou range plans in the Northwest, 6 municipalities formed the Northwest Species at Risk (NWSAR) committee which I became a member representing the County of Northern Lights. Lisa also became a NWSAR committee member and Chairperson representing Mackenzie County. From that point on this committee has had multiple meetings as a committee, traveled to many communities to engage stakeholders, met with Federal and Provincial politicians and bureaucrats, attended conferences and overall spent a lot of time together working for the citizens of the Northwest.

It was during this time that I really came to know Lisa and soon recognized that she had strong leadership skills and passion for the region. I have also had the opportunity to attend various other meetings other than NWSAR where Lisa has also been present and again she has exemplified herself as knowledgeable in a multitude of issues. What I have learned about Lisa, is that she is a true northern Albertan who has spent the last 25+ years living and working in Zama and truly cares about the social and economic future of NW Alberta. By virtue of calling Zama home and needing to travel the entire length of the constituency to reach southern communities, along with commitments as a councillor for Mackenzie County, she has become very familiar with the entire region.

The UCP would be well served to have Lisa Wardley as a candidate to represent their party in the next provincial election. She is a true grassroots person who is very familiar with the Peace River constituency and would be a strong advocate for the region!

Terry Ungarian
Manning Alberta

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