An Open Letter from George Clark

July 27, 2018

I wholeheartedly endorse Lisa whom I have no doubt would become a stellar force and voice for Peace River country in our hoped for UCP government.  Please make sure to take the time to vote and then help her win this riding.

After getting to know Lisa Wardley via several shared social media awareness campaigns and a couple of phone calls, I had the pleasure of meeting with her at the UCP founding AGM in May.

It was a pleasure as it immediately reminded me of all the strong Houle Aunts and Cousins that I grew up with in the North.  There are smart & strong women everywhere but none quite as strong, intelligent, and determined as those who have spent decades getting things done in Canada’s North.  With whatever resources and supplies are at hand because you make do with whatever is available when living so far from the huge box stores.

Thank you.

George Clark
Founder, Albertans First Patriots

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