Largest Riding in the Province

The Peace River Constituency is the largest riding in Alberta – with the second lowest population. 39,974 people live in this region, which is 15% below the provincial average population per riding.  We are 109,222 square kilometers and spread out over a land mass larger that the island of Newfoundland!

We have larger urban centers, smaller communities, a very strong rural population, and some remote communities with access challenges.

The Peace River Constituency has undergone a boundary adjustment for the 2019 Provincial election. This also effects the nomination contest.

I would like to welcome the new communities to the riding. I assure you that you are an integral part of this new riding!  All communities are important to me from the smallest to the largest, whether you are urban or rural, from North to South and East to West.

Welcome to the communities of North and South Tall Cree, the Town of Grimshaw, and the Shaftesbury Settlement area.


For more information about Alberta constituencies and nomination candidates please visit the Elections Alberta website.

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