On the Road For You

Lisa Wardley: A true Northerner who is passionate, knowledgeable, committed and regionally connected.

I have put my name forward to be your next Conservative (UCP) Candidate for the Peace River Constituency.

The Peace River constituency is the largest in size in Alberta. I believe it is the most diverse and holds tremendous potential. I am fully committed to the people of this region. I am well aware of distances that will be traveled and the time required to effectively represent the communities and the people of this region.

I support the grassroots initiatives of the UCP, which is one of the reasons that I have decided to put my name forward. I am a well-known advocate for the Northwest and I believe the two greatest strengths of a Provincial representative in a rural riding (especially one of this size) are:

  • First, the experience of living, working and raising a family in the region that you represent. This cannot be taught. One must experience life in the Northwest to truly understand the strengths that this region holds and the challenges that we face.
  • Second, the connections and relationships with the governing bodies and community organizations in the region. This enables open communication with our diverse communities and individuals — our neighbouring Urban and Rural Municipalites, our First Nation or Metis governing bodies, our School Boards. These are the elected individuals closest to the people. They are the first in line to feel and hear the pain or success of Provincial policy and the action or reaction from citizens on provincial movements. Fostering those relationships ensures we have immediate understanding of challenges and successes in this region. It is important our elected officials have have their finger on the pulse of the communities they represent so we are truly an asset to the successful partnership between the Province and the local area. Boards and Committees like the Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Development Alliances, Seniors organizations and other groups that represent a broad membership base are valuable partners in understanding and keeping abreast of what is happening across the region.

I look forward meeting and talking with everyone across the Peace Region over the next few months and into the future. I regularly travel across the region and would enjoy meeting you.

If you’d like to help and become part of my team, please contact me.

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