Proud of Our Northwest Resources

I am and always will be a true advocate for a strong, multi-faceted, sustainable and responsible resource sector!

I have a background in oil & gas and transportation, I live in a community that relies heavily on the success of our industry, I love our wide open spaces and the ability to step out my back door and enjoy nature directly.

Our region has the potential to once again be a provincial economic driver.  All of our industries and their value-added and service components are critical to the overall vibrancy of our communities.

We need a strong Oil & Gas, we require a vibrant Forestry and a robust Agricultural sector. As well, our secondary industries, such as Tourism Outfitting & Trapping, round off the quality of life that we deserve in the Northwest.

I have direct understanding and connection with the industries of our region. My experience is critical to eliminate barriers and obstacles so we can truly enjoy new advantages. I work for the benefit of all our communities and people so we in the Northwest can once again successfully work, live, raise a family and look forward to the future in this area that we call home.

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