Caribou in Northwest Alberta Boreal Forest

Balanced Land Use for Future Generations

I’m working today to ensure tomorrow is prosperous. I believe we need to balance land use with respect to Industry & Economy, Wildlife & Nature, People & Communities.

  • Industry & Economy

    A strong, multi-faceted industrial base will enable vibrant communities so we all can live, work and raise a family in the Northwest. The quality of life we want requires rich industrial activity. Our industries are predominately land based, and whether we consider Oil & Gas, Forestry, Tourism, Agriculture, Trapping & Outfitting, they all require access to the land.

    I strive toward policies which help us:

    • share the land and ensure the effective management of our resources while minimizing footprint
    • ensure forest management practices are in place that help eliminate forest fire and timber loss by fire or disease
    • ensure responsible agricultural practices are in place and that we celebrate and promote our vast amount of organic producers
    • ensure that our hunting, outfitting, and trapping operators have access and ability to manage wildlife balance.

  • Wildlife & Nature

    We call the Northwest home because we love the outdoors and we are all connected to the land. We want to ensure the landscape is sustainable and enjoyed by future generations. All species who share our spaces hold importance in some way. A well-managed landscape is critical to ensure that the forest and its wildlife is healthy, that fires are minimized, that our waters are protected and that one species doesn’t trump another.

  • People & Communities

    We are a strong, hard-working, entrepreneurial people who are tied to the land that we all call home. Regardless of which community you call home, regardless whether you are rural or live in one of the larger communities, regardless of your background or beliefs…this region is the PEOPLE! Our communities are all shapes and sizes and we require the solid connection to the land base that sustains us in all ways.  It is important that we ensure access to the land base for the growth of our communities, for our people to sustain their families, and for recreation and culture.

We all should have say in balancing the overall land use of the region. The long-awaited Regional Land Use Framework Plans are a holistic and critical tool in accomplishing balance.

The Caribou Population Recovery issue is an example of how current government has not got the balance right. At the recent Alberta Forest Alliance rally in Edmonton, I challenged Premier Notley to stand up for working families of Northwest Alberta and consider local knowledge and input into her government’s caribou range planning.

With Terry Ungarian, Reeve, County of Northern Lights, and fellow member of Northwest Species At Risk Committee, we outlined the Committee’s expectations for a socio-economic study that considers all aspects of the community including industry, local businesses, and recreation before the range plans are finalized. We spoke to the common-sense solutions that the Committee has put forward to help the caribou, while not hurting the people who live in the Northwest.

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