Who Am I

The Northwest holds incredible, untapped potential for our future. We are a strong, hard-working, entrepreneurial people who are tied to the land that we all call home.

I am a true Northerner and have worked, lived and raised a family in the Peace Region, specifically in Zama City, for the last 26 years.  I am currently the Deputy Reeve for Mackenzie County, the largest municipality in Alberta, and have served on Council since 2004.

What you are going to do is important, but what you have done is proof that you can!  I have spent 26 years traveling this region and have been a strong advocate for the people and the issues that face us.  I have experience in rolling up my sleeves regionally on many initiatives.

I believe that transportation corridors and infrastructure required for moving goods and promoting a lower cost to industry is paramount for this region… as again with strong industrial sectors, we have vibrant communities and the softer services become easier to attract and retain.  I have strongly supported and will continue to support these types of projects whether its roads, pavement, bridges, bridge funding or increased utility capacity and economic development funding to streamline large scale projects.  Rural Alberta is critical to the overall health of the Province and more attention and funding needs to be targeted to rural and northern transportation.

Since mid-2016, I have been Chairperson, Northwest Species at Risk Committee (NWSAR website) leading the challenge against NDP’s Caribou Range Plan. NWSAR consists of dedicated Municipal leaders from across the Peace and our primary goal is to ensure the provincial and federal delegates hear the voice of the North.  Engaging the people of the North is crucial as solutions are discussed and tested.  Throughout this process I have made strong connections throughout the Peace Region.  Read more about our work here at facebook.com/AlbertaNWSAR.

I am honoured to support the North to Alaska Rail Project as Chair of REDI (Regional Economic Development Initiative). In September 2017, we co-hosted the North to Alaska Symposium in High Level with the Chairs of NTAB (Northern Transportation Advisory Bureau) and PREDA (Peace Region Economic Development Alliance). A truly visionary project which will completely change and enhance transportation and the quality of life, not just in Northwest Alberta, but across Northern Canada.

With the right political atmosphere and legislative tools, our communities will prosper, our industries and businesses will thrive, and our people will continue to be connected to the land that sustains us all.


Elected official for Mackenzie County
Council member in the largest Municipality in Alberta since 2004. Deputy Reeve for the past two years.
Chairperson, Northwest Species at Risk Committee (NWSAR)
A partnership between 6 Northwest Municipalities championing local-based Caribou Range Planning.
Chairperson, Regional Economic Development Initiative for the Northwest (REDI)
A provincially recognized Alliance made up of 3 Northwest Municipalities, Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement and multiple industry/community partners. A few of the current initiatives are 5-year partnership with Mackenzie Applied Research (MARA) on Hemp trials.  Looking at the future potential of greenhouse production, using industrial waste heat, geo-thermal power production using existing well infrastructure and footprint.   REDI also has many partnership programs with PREDA, our southern neighbors.
Mackenzie County Library Board & Zama City Public Library
Libraries are one of my passions and I have managed or volunteered with libraries locally and in the region for a quarter century!  This is a passion that was passed down from my Grandmother, as she was the first librarian in Churchbridge, SK.
Mackenzie Frontier Tourism
I was involved with the creation of the Association as it started at a business case level with REDI and have been a part of building the organization. Similar to and working in partnership with Mighty Peace Tourism.  We promote Northwestern Alberta tourism opportunities.

Northern Transportation Advisory Bureau (NTAB) – Board Member

Past private enterprise and industry experience:
Positions within Human Resources, Safety, Administration with Poncho Well Servicing and Big Eagle Services; Co-Owner of Hi-North Trucking
Other community experience:
Zama City School Council; Volunteer Fire-Fighter and EMR; Zama Recreation Society; High Level Oilmen’s …and many others.
One past experience that I am extremely grateful of is my 8 years with the Zama Fire-Rescue Department. During the this time and over a multitude of positions, both fire and medical related, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a great team.  We competed in the Extrication competitions across Western Canada.  We were invited to attend and compete in Melbourne Australia! 
For years our Department was predominately the women of the community; as the men were out in the field working and would be able to respond but the first response to fire, rescue and medical calls were ‘us girls’!  During the extrication circuit, UK and Australia were trying to attract more women to fire services… so while in Melbourne we completed additional news and media spots targeted to the recruitment of women that agencies in both countries utilized in their recruiting for the years following.
Bring that to the current time… and I am especially proud that my two daughters are following in both their parents’ footsteps by being active Fire Department volunteers!  These experiences are not for everyone but for those that do, it’s an experience that cannot be explained, and creates a family bond with individuals that cannot be duplicated.   


Since 1992

Zama City, Alberta
About as far Northwest as you can get and still be in Alberta

Early Life

Regina, Saskatchewan
Go Riders Go! 

Personal Information

I am a single mother of three young adults… who continually make me proud for their work ethic and zest for life and giving back to the communities they live in.  I am patiently waiting for grandchildren …but am not rushing this blessing of life!

I have dedicated my life to increase the quality of life my community, our region, and my family.

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